Unique Rent-a-Captive Capabilities

Unique Rent-a-Captive Capabilities

Rembrandt SPC, Ltd. is owned and managed by a seasoned team of successful insurance and business professionals, with wide-ranging credentials and extensive experience in underwriting, claims, risk management, finance, accounting and law.

The Executive Committee meets regularly to actively manage all aspects of the company’s operations and has implemented a dynamic Policy, Procedures, and Risk Management Manual to ensure the highest level of corporate governance. This encourages creativity while maintaining the integrity necessary to protect the interests of our clients and investors alike.

Through its unique structure, Rembrandt can provide significant benefits not typically available from other rent-a-captive facilities, including:

  • multiple programs under one segregated portfolio to minimize costs;
  • an intermediate facility prior to the formation of a wholly-owned captive;
  • a vehicle capable of providing direct insurance in addition to reinsurance;
  • an established reinsurance relationship with several major U.S. admitted insurers;
  • proprietary LLC participation structure;
  • asset management flexibility;
  • consultative versus “sales” approach;
  • customized programs to meet individual client needs;
  • secure website for viewing account-specific reports and documentation;
  • an efficient mechanism for catastrophe funding over the long term of five years or more.